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Have you ever wondered why the skin of Korean Actresses' look so smooth and porcelain-like?

Their Secret is now Revealed!

What is BB Cream?

BB cream, known as Blemish Balm cream, has been used as an after care product of laser skin treatments. It soothes irritated skin, protect, calm and regenerate the after treatment sensitive/damaged skin.

Realizing the great benefits of BB Cream to the skin, Cosmeceutical and Beauty Product Companies have commercialized the BB Cream so that everybody can have the opportunity to use it and eventually have better skin.

Nowadays, BB cream is used as a daily makeup cover cream to protect skin from diverse external noxious environments, and to cover problem areas of the face such as freckles, acne scars, pores, and redness.

It is reported that most Korean and Hongkong Actresses are using the BB Cream and the popularity is spreading very fast across the world.

Benefits of BB Cream
- Act as normal make up based but with extra properties for healthier and smooth skin
- Oil control
- whitening & Repairing
- Anti-aging
- Soothing and brightening
- Act as concealer
- Hydrating & softening
- UV Protection & nourishment.
- Smoothen facial lines and wrinkles effectively
- Long lasting
- Fresh look all day long
- Natural looking/ Bare Make-Up
- Reduce Dark Spots
- Non-transferable (won't stick to clothes even if you change after putting BB Cream on)

How to use BB Cream
Use it like how you use your foundation/concealer.

Too expensive?
We have trial packs :D
Repackaged the original items into 8 - 10ml containers :)

How to order
  1. Fill up the order form
  2. Wait for confirmation email (within 24 hours)
  3. Make payment
  4. Receive item(s) within 3 - 5 working days

Are your stuff ready stock?
Yup, most of the items shown in this website are ready stock items :)

Why do we have to wait for 3 - 5 working days then?
As we only have a very minimal amount of ready stocks for each item, we may have to restock it from our supplier when we receive your orders. However, as our supplier is sourced locally, it will only take less than a week for your ordered items to reach you :D

Any discounts when I buy in large quantities?
Of course, discounts will be given accordingly :D

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Skin79 All Day Sun Powder

Skin79 All-Day sun powder SPF30 PA++ 13g

Our price: RM72

* The Sun powder with build in puff easily and conveniently block UV ray A and B at one time anywhere and anytime with fine and even powder naturally and transparently covering skin defects by lighting closing to skin.
* Diamond Powder and Blooming Jewel Complex consisting of 5 jewels including, Amethyst and Rudy makes skin more radiant and shining like jewelry with Flora Bouquet Complex extract making skin vital and glossy by keeping skin healthy from harmful environment and sensitive stimulus.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Great Savings with June's Promo Packages!!!



Package 1
Cellnique Sebum Gel + Skin79 Hot Pink BB Cream + free gift*
RM199 with free postage!
(Worth RM221!)

Package 2
Egyptian Magic Cream + 1 Eumora bar (25g) + free gift*
RM215 with free postage
(Worth RM 254!)

Package 3
Egyptian Magic Cream + Skin79 Hot Pink BB Cream + free gift*
RM210 with free postage
(Worth RM 240!)

Package 4
Egyptian Magic Cream + Skin79 Miniature Limited Edition set (black) + free gift*
RM200 with free postage
(Worth RM225!)

Package 5
Cellnique Sebum Gel + Egyptian Magic Cream + free gift*
RM269 with free postage
(Worth RM300!)

*Free gift: Coogi Vitamin C Mask or Shiseido Vital Perfection Mask (please state which one you would prefer or I will give randomly)
*Free gifts available while stocks last

Cellnique Skin Action Sebum Gel

(We will get the orders from our supplier as soon as we receive 5 orders)

Discover the Solution for Congested Skin and Oily Skin Problems!!!!

I'm sure Cellnique Sebum Gel is a familiar name with many of you gals. Good news is, we are selling this now and it's cheaper than the market price! :D

We are selling the paramedical series which is only available in salons.

Our supplier has ready stock and we will get the stocks from them after we have gotten orders for 5 bottles.



Skin Action Sebum Gel Description.

This is a phyto bio-engineering formulation gel for all skin types to reduce both blackheads and whiteheads on affected skin area without painful extraction. This daily maintenance gel also reduces sebum secretion, leaving the skin clear and producing smooth visible results within 10 days of application.

• Controls excessive sebum
• Reduces the formation of blackheads and whiteheads
• Reduces skin inflammatory
• Controls and prevents breakouts
• Increases skin moistures and improves skin elasticity
• Anti-irritation

1. Use Day & Nite after Cleanser, toner & eye care
2. Apply on Oily, T-zone and congested areas in & upward circular movement.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply Skin Action Sebum Gel?
Apply Skin Action Sebum Gel on a cleansed and after toned face until it is thoroughly absorbed and do not rinse off, followed by your other daily routine such as moisturizer or sun protection.

How does Skin Action Sebum Gel work to reduce blackheads and whiteheads?
The formation of blackheads and whiteheads is caused by the excessive sebum secrete from sebaceous glands which found deep in our skin layers. Skin Action Sebum Gel works to control the sebum secretion regulating, and soften the clogged sebum to reduce all blackheads and whiteheads. It is further enhanced with benefits such as hydration, soothing, strengthen skin immune system, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and thus, promoting a clear and smooth skin!

Should I continue using Skin Action Sebm Gel after achieving desired results?
It is recommended to reduce the amount and sequence of usage when desire result is achieved. However, it is highly recommended to continue the usage of Skin Action Sebum Gel to prevent new breakouts. (use Skin Action Sebum Gel by alternate day in your daily beauty routine).

Full Ingredients List
Purified Water (Aqua), Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis) Extract, Witch Hazel (Hamamelis Virginiana ) Extract, Carbomer, Propylene Glycol, Menthol, Poly(Oxy-1,2-Ethanediyl),α-(Donyl Phenyl)-ω-Hydroxy, Sodium Hydroxide, Peppermint (Mentha piperita) oil, Male Fern (Dryopteris filix-mas) Root Extract, Hydrolyzed Milk Protein, Potassium Azelaoyl Diglycinate, Tea Tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) Leaf Oil, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Diazolidinyl Urea.

NORMAL RETAIL AGENT CONTROLLED PRICE: RM159 (the same in all salons)


Order list (We will get the orders from our supplier as soon as we receive 5 orders):

Egyptian Magic Cream


What happens if you take ancient Egyptian beauty rituals and take a cream that heals everything from skin blemishes to cracked skin? You have Egyptian Magic. It is truly a magical healing cream. Did you just have a new baby, but also have new strech marks? Do you have dry, itching skin? Do you wish you had a cream that repairs skins, heal acne and smoothes wrinkle? The list could go on and on..

This is a one stop cream for all your needs, that really works. A TRUE MULTI-TASKER. This all purpose cream can help heal sunburns, blisters, stretch marks, skin discolorations, chapped lips, and works as leg and facial hair shaving cream and for a hot oil treatment, to name a few. There are about 29 hair and skin issues it helps cure in all.

The Fashion Press Raves About Egyptian Magic

Egyptian Magic probably has garnered more kudos in the fashion press than any comparable product in the world. From Japan to Australia to Europe and the US, the Fashion Press agrees that Egyptian Magic is a "must-have" beauty and skin care product. It improves your complexion, heals scars, relieves many skin ailments, leaves your hair with a lustrous sheen, and more.

For further info, you can visit this website: http://www.egyptianmagic.com

Click on pics below for a larger version:

Our price: RM148 only
Normal retail price: RM160++

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Skin79 Miniature Set (Black)

Our price: RM60 only

This Set consist of 4 Skin79 BB Cream Miniature.

1) Skin79 Pink Super+ BB

2) Skin79 Gold Super+ BB

3) Skin79 The Prestige BB

4) Skin79 Luminous Pearl BB

Saturday, January 23, 2010

BRTC Blemish Recover Balm

RETAIL PRICE: RM125 - 180 depending on locations/outlets
In Korea : 35, 000 won (not inclusive of postage fee to Malaysia)
OUR PRICE: RM89 only!

*Personally using this :D*
*Ask/email me for more info*

- For Oily and Troubled Skin (Sebum Control System)
- Unlike BRTC PRB, BRTC BRB comes with SPF28PA++
- Content: 40ml
- Texture: thick but easy to apply.
- Oil Control: Very Strong.
- Brief description from box: BRTC Blemish Recover Balm is packed with Blemish Complex, the patent awarded anti-blemish agent, in addition to Blue Complex that is specially developed for troubled skin. This blemish balm regulates excessive sebum secretion as it keeps skin matte and fresh throughout the day. It eliminates and inhibits the causes of trouble skin from within.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Skin79 Super Plus Blemish Balm Triple Function Hot Pink


RETAIL PRICE: RM129 - 169 depending on locations/outlets
In Korea (Skin79 website) : 27, 000 won (not inclusive of postage fee to Malaysia)
OUR PRICE: RM72 only!

  • It is a 3 effects functional beblesh balm. By Adenosine and Arbutin ingredients which are effective in whitening, wrinkles improvement cultivate brighter and more elastic skin.
  • Intercept ultraviolet rays UVA and UVB at the same time and protect your skin effectively when exposed to sun.
  • OSMOPUR ingredient of new concept which are mixed sunflower, rice bran, ivy extraxts protect skin from various harmful conditions.
  • Phyto complex ingredient which is good for skin moisturizing and soothing makes your skin always moist and healthy.
  • This product has excellent cover function by composition of make-up and foundation. It can correct your irregularly different skin tones naturally. At the same time by use of fine and soft texture porosity powder is excellent for your skin adhesion and sebum control.
  • It is good for skin affinity and it makes your skin light, soft and dry all day without that skin gooey.
  • SPF25 PA++ (UVA/UVB)
  • Special Ingredients: caviar, osmopur, Coenzyme Q10, Aloe Vera extract & 21 Ingredients for the health of your skin
  • Oil Free
  • Great For Combination and Oily Skin
  • 40g

Skin79 Prestige BB Diamond Collection

RETAIL PRICE: RM150 - 190 depending on locations/outlets
In Korea (Skin79 website) : 50, 000 won (not inclusive of postage fee to Malaysia)
OUR PRICE: RM82 only!

• Oil Free, Whitening, Anti-wrinkle and SPF25++
• New formula contains precious stones like diamond, ruby and amethyst to create flawless, radiant and glowing complexion
• It also contains pearl powder for extra whitening function.
• Effectively penetrates into the skin to creates fair complexion
• Contains rich caviar extract, effectively eliminates wrinkles
• Improve skin elasticity
• Special EGF formula effectively improves skin DNA cells renewal
• Q10 creates a layer of protection on skin and keeps skin supple
• Contains Aloe Vera and Green Tea Extract
• Effectively protect skin from UVA and UVB rays
• Fast absorption and light texture, making skin feels comfortable and soft
• Effectively brighten dull skin tone and conceal appearance of wrinkle
• Certifies by KFDA for its effectiveness in wrinkle improvement, whitening and sun protection functions
• Suitable for all skin types even those with sensitive and acne prone skin.
• 40g

Skin 79 Shiny Pearl Water Drop BB Cream

RETAIL PRICE: RM129 - 169 depending on locations/outlets
In Korea (Skin79 website) : 27, 000 won (not inclusive of postage fee to Malaysia)
OUR PRICE: RM79 only!

  • Another version of Skin79 Hot Pink but with gentle shimmering effect.
  • It makes your face looks bright.
  • This is a BB cream which makes skin radiant and attractive because of shiny pearl.
  • It also maintains skin a natural and sheer look all day long by sebum control effect.
  • The water drop type includes plenty of moisture and you can feel cooling when you use it because of its refreshing feel and aqua effect.
  • It was composed of 8 plants extracts, protect skin and provides nutrition and makes skin healthy, radiant and bright.
  • It is oil free.
  • Like Skin79 Hot Pink, it is suitable for those with Normal-Oily Skin.

Skin79 Super Plus Blemish Balm Triple Function Gold Label

RETAIL PRICE: RM130 - RM180 depending on locations/outlets
In Korea (Skin79 website) : 27, 000 won (not inclusive of postage fee to Malaysia)
OUR PRICE: RM70 only!

  • Function: Whitening, UV Protection SPF25 PA++, Wrinkle improvement (certification from KFDA)
  • Texture: Light, easy to blend
  • Colour: natural
  • Coverage: Medium
  • Skin Type: Normal to dry skin
  • This type of BB cream is quite suitable for mature skin especially those above 30 and have dry skin. It has similar functions as the #01 but this BB cream is more moisturizing.
  • It is 3 effects functional beblesh balm. By adenosine and arbutin ingredients which are effective in whitening, wrinkles improvement cultivate more bright and elastic skin.
  • Intercept ultraviolet rays UV A and B at the same time and protect your skin exposed from the sun more thoroughly.
  • Abundant nutrition of Gold and Caviar extract cares skin intensively to make shiny, healthy skin.
  • This product has excellent coverage function by composition of makeup base and foundation. It corrects your irregularly different skin tones naturally. At the same time by use of fine and soft texture
  • 40g

Skin79 Mini BB Cream Limited Edition Set

OUR PRICE: RM60 only!

Consists of: - Skin79 Mini Hot Pink, Skin79 Mini VIP Gold,
Skin79 Mini The Prestige Beblesh Balm (Diamond Collection)
and Skin79 Mini Luminous Pearl Beblesh Balm.

* Suitable for those who likes to try different kind of bb cream, as gift to friends and relatives who love cosmetics and as your personal bb cream collection.

Coogi Aromatox All Night Pack


RETAIL PRICE: No other sellers in Malaysia
In Korea: 35, 000 won (not inclusive of postage fee to Malaysia)
OUR PRICE: RM89 only!

*Personally using this :D*
*Ask/email me for more info*

*Click on pic to enlarge*

  • Suitable for those with any skin problems, sensitive & irritated skins.
  • The main active ingredients are from plants (flowers and fruits).
  • To be used only at night before going to bed.
  • Cooling and Soothing after application
  • You will feel the difference the next morning
  • A must have night cream for those who want to have dramatic skin improvement.

Coogi Flowertox 3 Action Super BB Cream SPF25++

RETAIL PRICE: Hardly available in Malaysia
In Korea: 20, 000 won (not inclusive of postage fee to Malaysia)
OUR PRICE: RM59 only!

  • This is one of the favourite BB Creams in Korea
  • Very Good Oil Control & will give u matte look
  • The 3 main functions are for whitening, wrinkle repairing and UV protecting.
  • Provide sufficient moisturizing effect, expose skin's natural glow, nourishes and vitalizes skin vitality.
  • Provide UVA protection 25PA++
  • Medium texture and it provides medium and smooth coverage.
  • It has pleasant flowery scent as its contains flower and herb extracts
  • 30ml

Monday, January 11, 2010

Eumora Review by Diary Addictions

As reviewed by Sha-Lyn from Diary Addictions:

The Eumora Facial Bar--
Dubbed THE 'Miracle' Soap by many.
Tried and tested on yours truly, the self confessed shopaholic herself!

Before the verdict, here's a few fact and figures:

The Eumora Facial bar is basically a skin repairing medication.

How It Works:
- Skipping all the technical and scientific jargon, Eumora's active ingredients are basically: HmA (MicroAlgae factor) and Moor--both of which are organic!
- The former is an effective hydrating agent and helps in strengthening the defense system of the skin.
- The latter is highly recommended by hundreds of European physicists for its wide range of beneficial properties. Moor is clinically tested and found to be naturally hypoallergenic and has the ability to harmonize with any skin type.
- Both work miraculously and is proven to combat all sorts of facial and skin-related problems as listed above!
- For more information, do read all about it here.


First and foremost--
I do actually suffer from mild facial acne for quite a few years now. So, when approached regarding this 'miraculous' soap, I was pretty excited. ;)

The Eumora Experience:

The soap bar completes the basic facial-3-step of cleansing, toning, and moisturizing; and it performs simply marvelously. =)
Upon first use, one can immediately feel a tightening sensation of the pores as the ingredients work to get rid of all 'em bacteria underneath the skin surface and to tighten 'em pores after rinsing to prevent nasty impurities from settling in again.
Your skin definitely feels very VERY refreshed and clean after the first wash.
Be warned! Your face will also probably be glowing after that vigorous and deep cleansing treatment as well. ;D

Upon continuous use (twice a day),
- Pores have become visibly smaller
- Skin is less oily as the day passes
- Skin is may be slightly dry [side effect as the product dries the skin to kill off all the pimples]
* The 'drying' feeling is not actually a drying effect.. and the product does not dry up the skin in any way. The drying sensation is due to the combined effect of both pore/skin tightening and slight peeling.
The slight peeling is removal of dead skin cells while the tightening feeling is the firming effect. Many people mistake that for a drying effect
**Important note: Eumora does not cause the skin to become dry. It restores the skin to its optimum state (for both dry and oily skin). It neutralizes and balances the state of the skin.

- Less pimples and acne
- Skin is overall MUCH clearer

Overall, acne breakout is a lot less and the product really does help in perfecting the skin. :)
Would definitely give this a try if over the counter products just don't work for you.

- One bar of soap can last for as long as 2-3 months for facial use.
- Gentle enough to be used on babies too.
- During the first few days, breakouts might happen. This is normal as the product is clearing out all the impurities from under the skin. Just wait for the pimples to dry out. :)


Before: numerous pimple breakouts and skin easily gets red/oily.

After: as seen, pimples at the temples are gone; acne breakouts at the cheeks are also gradually clearing up;
skin flares up less easily; and is overall less oily.

How Do I Get This Product?
- Visit here (A Fashion Haven) for more details.
- Ready stock Eumora Facial bars!
- On another note, pre-order for clothes closes 2nd of January 2010.

So do get moving--
For indefinitely clearer skin! ;D

Eumora - The Miracle Bar

Having skin problems? Tried so many different products in the market but nothing seems to work? Or have you bought so many skin care products – cleanser, toner, moisturizer, sun block, serums and etc - that it’s all annoyingly cluttered on your table top?

Well, the answer to all your problems can be found here :D

Just another regular product you say? I beg to differ. This is my personal anecdote after using this product for 1 month: At first, I was skeptical as well when my friend told me that this little bar can replace all my cleansers, toners, moisturizers and sunblock and give me better, if not flawless, skin.

How can that be? It is impossible, almost illogical I said. But then she said, “Since you have tried so many products (which don’t come cheap) and they don’t give you much result anyway, what’s the harm in trying one more? “True, true,” I thought.

Previously, I have bought and tried so many “effective and remarkable products” which claims to do wonders for other people’s skin but never works with my skin. I was at a point when I was getting frustrated and losing faith in all skin care products out there. I even splurged more than RM2k on a facial course to try and rescue my problematic skin (oily, prone to breakouts, hypersensitive and pimples tend to leave scars/black spots after healing).

And so with that, I started my Eumora experience.
And oh my, I was blown away!
After the first use, my skin literally glowed! It hardly ever glows unless I go through the whole exfoliating, scrubbing, moisturizing and putting on masks regimen. But just 3 minutes of using Eumora and my skin glowed!! This is too good to be true! I stopped using the other skin care products and just used Eumora. Yup, not even toners and moisturizers and sun block :D

Within 2 weeks of using it, some bumps and pimples started to sprout across my forehead. I started to get worried but it turned out I shouldn’t. The pimples just kinda deflated and the bumps disappeared. I told my friend about this and she said that it is normal for pimples to grow as the product cleanses and detoxifies your skin from deep within the layers of skin. If no pimples or bumps appeared, it is either because your skin is 100% problem-free, or the product isn’t working for you (which I have never heard from any Eumora users before). People with relatively good skin will also have impurities hidden beneath the skin layers.

Eumora, unlike facial which cleanses and extracts impurites near the skin surface, cleanses from within the deep 5 layers of skin. So what is this product and what ingredients is it made out of? The article below is not written by me. I’m not good with all the technicalities anyway. Will leave it to the experts to explain :D Basically, Eumora contains two main ingredients which makes it so effective:

“HmA (MicroAlgae factor) is formulated from a world-renowned pharmaceutical patent by a European company, derived from microalgae cultivated in the Hawaiian fresh water lakes. It includes a component that is similar to the structure of hyaluronate 3D mesh structure, which aids in moisture absorption. HmA is an unique concentration of natural active ingredients, extracted from the essence of MicroAlgae. It is an effective hydrating agent and can help in strengthening the mechanisms of skin defense. It has deep and lasting moisturizing effects while strengthening the defense qualities of the skin barrier, thus giving extraordinary softness and brightness. In addition, HmA is rich in Vitamins B1, B2, B12 and niacin which can increase the skin's energy and protect the skin to stay away from all kinds of pressure. With its absolute compatibility with the skin, it doesn't irritate, and provides moisture for all types of skin in all climate.”

Moor is a rare form of nutrient-rich peat created by the gradual transformation of herbs, plants & flowers which have been permanently submerged under water or underground. Free from the decaying effects of oxygen and in the correct climatic and biological conditions, the plant matter undergoes a ripening transformation process over thousands of years to produce a homogeneous dark substance called Moor. During this ripening process, all the substances within the plants are retained in the Moor, resulting in a herbal complex with wonderful therapeutic properties. For the past 60 years, a wealth of clinical studies conducted on Moor therapy has confirmed that Moor does posses a wide range of beneficial properties. In fact, hundreds of European physicians now use and recommend Moor treatments.

Therapeutic Properties of Moor revealed from research conducted throughout Europe over the past 50 years. :

  • Bio-Available (Easily absorbed by the body) The substances present are in colloidal and bivalent form, thus they are small enough to be easily absorbed by the system.
  • Antiseptic The moor contains lignin and bitumen, both of which contains high proportions of phenol substances and these acts as natural antiseptic
  • Detoxifying The high proportion of humic acid and other humus substances enables the moor to both draw and absorb toxic substances trapped in the tissues. Detoxification is widely recognized as an important component of health care maintenance and anti-aging.
  • Anti-Inflammatory Moor has consistently been found to exert an anti-inflammatory effect on irritated or inflamed tissues.
  • Ion-Exchanging The presence of humic acids also causes an exchange reaction in which harmful positive ions in the tissues are replaced by revitalizing negative ions present within the moor.

The Moor has been clinically tested and found to be naturally hypoallergenic and to be able to harmonize with and benefit any skin type, eliminating the need for many different types of creams.

The problems which can be cured by Eumora are:

  • Acne
  • Antiaging Age Spots
  • Birthmarks
  • Cellulite
  • Chemical Peel
  • Dark Eye Rings
  • Dry Skin
  • Eczema
  • Freckles
  • Frown Lines
  • Hair Loss
  • Large Pore
  • Melasma
  • Nail Problems
  • Oily Skin
  • Pigmentation
  • Scars
  • Spider Veins
  • Skin Growths
  • Skin Cancers
  • Skin Laxity
  • Skin Rash
  • Stretchmarks
  • Sun Spots
  • Sweaty Palms
  • Sweaty Underarms
  • Uneven Skin Tone
  • Varicose Veins
  • Wrinkles

It is so gentle that even babies can use it!

These are the before and after pics of Eumora users. Take note that their skin might not appear flawless like other ads (not photoshopped mah..hehe) but really has improved a great great deal!

And as for my mum, who had uneven patches and slight pigmentation, her skin became brighter and her pigmentation visibly lightened. Plus her skin has a radiant glow at all times now. I had to persuade her real hard to let me post her pic online for everyone to see ;p

She loved the product so much that she has become Eumora’s distributor! So if anyone is interested in this product, I can help you ask for a discount from her..hehe.

1 box (4 mini bars) = About 8 months use
1 mini bar = 2 month use

Interested buyers please email me (a.fashion.haven@gmail.com) for the price :)

*Beware of fake Eumora products out there! The stock we got is from licensed Eumora importers and has the seal of validity/hologram with serial number*

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Payment and Delivery

Payment Methods
Payment details will be emailed to the buyer after he/she has confirmed the purchase.

Payment options:
  • Maybank2U
  • CIMB Clicks
  • Interbank GIRO Transfer (from RHB, Ambank, Public Bank, EON Bank etc.)
  • ATM Funds Transfer - Transferring funds at ATM kiosks
  • Paypal
  • COD (Cash on Delivery)

Delivery Options

1. Pos Laju

Highly recommended, tracking number provided, delivery within 1-2 days, safest delivery option, requires recipient’s signature upon delivery:

For 1 - 2items:

RM5 (Peninsular)

RM7 (Sarawak)

RM8 (Sabah)

For 3 or more items - Price will be calculated based on combined items' weight

2. Pos Ekspress

Recommended for those who are not always at home, tracking number provided, delivery within 1-3 days depending on the area, does not require recipient’s signature upon delivery:

RM3 (1 trial pack item)

RM5 (1 - 3 items)

RM7 (2 - 4 items max)

For 4 items and above, Pos Laju will be used

3. COD (Cash On Delivery)

Applicable only for normal-sized items (not for trial packs)

Applicable only for 2 Eumora bars and above

COD Hotspots and Rates

  • McDonald's Bukit Rahman Putra, Sungai Buloh (everyday) - RM1
  • 1 Utama (only on Saturdays) - RM2
  • Starbucks (old wing) @ Sunway Pyramid (must be planned at least 2 days in advance) - RM5
  • Bandar Puteri Puchong (must be planned at least 2 days in advance) - RM5